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The USS Entrprise CVAN/CVN-65  Fund

The fund is a 501-c3 to maintain and distribute scholarship funds to scholarship recipients and other charitable donations all approved by the Officers of the association donations are deductable.

If you wish to make a donation to the fund enter the amount in the amount box in the Scholarship Fund box in the side bar and click the Donate button and you will be taken to a PayPal Page that will allow you  to use your PayPal account or just a credit card to make a donation.




 UNK  Unknown or Prior 2018 , FG= Fire Group)       

Mbr# Name Date Spouse Date
  Adamo, John 10/2015    
  Brittle, Fred UNK    
  Brooks, Daniel UNK    
397 Carter, Genelle UNK    
  Cook, Eddie R 01/2017    
  Curtis, Gabe UNK    
  Ellyson, Leonard UNK    
  Gebbe, Larry UNK    
  Grimaldi, Joe UNK    
  Hadd, Leonard UNK    
  Howser, Lloyd E UNK    
  Hubbard, Larry UNK    
  Jewett, John UNK    
  Kloppenburg, James UNK    
  Ladd, Nernard D. Jr UNK    
  Malkal, Andrew UNK    
  McClenahan, David UNK    
  Micklos, William UNK    
  Rice, Eugene(LCDR) UNK Jean Rice UNK
  Smothers, Donna UNK    
  Spooner, Bob UNK Virginia 2018
  Stenerson, Vernon UNK    
  Vaughn, Donald UNK    
  Villers, James UNK    
  Welch, Marvin UNK    
  Wheeling, John E. UNK    
  Whitney, Robert 09/2017    
  Young, Robert UNK    
  Zeak, Douglas UNK    
11 Ball, James 01/02/18    
AsocMbr Burnette, Katherine 08/2018    
  Hardell, Eugene 11/2018 Nina  
  Houseman, Fred 2018    
  Nelson, Michael 2018    
  Newby, William 2018    
  Quantz, Richard 2018    
  Rose, Wilford 12/2018 June  
  Schumacher, Tom 2018    
  Shanley, Eugene 08/2018    
  Walker, Jones 09/2018 Gloria  
  Beary, John 12/2019    
  Beardon, Clifton L 05/2019    
  Carter, Genelle 2019    
  Dickson, Ben 2019    
  Enright,  2019 Martha B  
  Henricks,Joe (FG) 2019    
  Kuhner, Pat 04/2019 Marie  
  Leckie, Daniel 2019    
  Lehr, William 03/2019 Donna  
  Mitchell, ”Mitch” Hillary M (LCDR) 2019    
  Ray, Gary 2019    
  Unroe, Jerry 07/2019    
  Vollmer, Ken 2019    
  Windland, Clyde 2019    
  Brooker, Glenn 11/2020 Darlene  
  Buesching, Terry 02/2020 Karen  
  Cochran, Thomas (CDR) 2020    
735 Descheneaux, Ernest 10/01/20 Geraldine  
83 Dickherder, Robert 11/2020    
89 Dulaney, Floriene 12/15/20    
  Gillingham,James 2020    
  Hedman, Donald 2020    
  Herman,Donald 2020    
  Holloway, James L III (ADM) 2020    
  House, Donald 2020    
  Kaplan, Lester 2020    
  Kodl, Warren 2020    
  Maxwell 04/2020    
1078 McKinney, Thomas E 11/15/20 Eileen  
  Neal, William (RADM) 2020    
263 Owens, Linda (Widow) 03/2020    
  Parker, Ervin H jr 2020    
  Pauley, Geary 01/2020 Marna(asocMbr)
  Rowman, Thomas 2020    
  Soule, George 08/2020    
  Szewczuk, George M 2020    
  Teller, Charles 08/2020 Sheri  
  Vitiritti, Chuck 2020    
  Watson, Donald 2020    
364 Wegmann, Henry 11/18/20 Cleanne  
  Cochran, Thomas  10/2021    
265 Paschall, William 03/17/21    
NonMbr-Crew Benavides, Raymond 01/08/21    
NonMbr-Crew Thompson, Stephen Jesse 09/07/21    
  Bellner, Terry  08/23/21    
  Sipes, Bill      
  Moore, P J (LCDR)      
  Carr, F D      
  White, Michael J  4/29/2020  Betty Jo  
Spencer, Larry
Starr, Raymond J
Svincov, Alex
Burr, Gerald R
Kirby, Dean
  Avery, Charles 8/13/2021    
  Buchter, Jeremy 7/4/2020 Robin  
  McMullen, Richard 1/30/2019 Amy  
  Schuttler, Ronald 1/11/2020    
   Dumas, Art  6/22/2023    
   Folcik, Charles "Chas"
1348 Hill, Thomas 11/14/2022    
  Deneault, Eric      
  Roth, Fred      
258 Olsen, Arne 11/18/2022 Becky  
1029 Waren, William 5/22/20223 Roseann  
1240 Adkins, Danny 10/18/2022    
  Ball, James      
  Bellner, Terry   Rosanne  
  Bryden,Kenneth   Barbara  
  Cohen, Robert   Bernadette  
  Edwards, William   Marlene  
  Fleck, William   Mary  
  Good, Richard      
  McCreary, Robert   Dorothy  
  McMullen, Richard      
  Schmidlin, James   Patricia  
  Severson, Lee      
  Zalinkanskas, Richard   Katherine  
  Mosier, Valdean      




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