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Chaplain’s Corner


As reunion approaches it made me think about the purpose of such a gathering.  It is my understanding that the purpose is to provide a setting that allows old friendships to be renewed and to also provide the opportunity to meet new people and develop new friendships.  The reunion organization by-laws has the following preamble:
The purpose of this Association will be to perpetuate the memory of the USS ENTERPRISE (CVAN/CVN‑65) and those shipmates who served aboard her, both prior to and after commissioning and to promote and maintain the spirit of camaraderie that existed among those who served aboard USS ENTERPRISE.
We should always remember the second listed purpose of the association By-Laws which is: Locating former shipmates and urging their active participation in the Association.
 The reunion should be a place where individual agendas are put aside and let the spirit of the preamble be the guiding factor of all of the association’s member’s actions.  While different opinions will always seem to exist those opinions should be discussed in a way that does not create an environment that drives members and potential members away. 

Larry Ragan (DPC Ret)

Association Chaplain


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